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Letter to MP: IBA Amendment Bill

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is [your name] and I am a member of your constituency living in [your town/village/city].
I am writing to raise my concerns with the IBA Amendment Bill currently going through Parliament.
I was alarmed to hear that the government wants to implement several amendments to the IBA Act, which I strongly believe are against my Freedom of Expression and my Freedom of Access to Information. The fact that the Bill suggests to impose a requirement on Journalists and local private Radios to reveal their source of their information is against the ethics of journalism.

Such an amendment risks putting Democracy in our country at risk.

As a resident of the Constituency of which you are an Elected Representative, I wish to highlight that this Bill poses a concern to my family’s and my freedom of speaking out to any journalist or private Radio for any reason in the future in regards to any issue my family or I may wish to raise our/my voice(s) about.
The amendment does not guarantee that anonymity would be upheld absolutely in any scenarios.

As a Citizen of Mauritius, I wish to be able to exercise my Constitutional Rights freely.

As a Representative of the People of the Constituency in Parliament, I am confident you have the interests of the People of
[your town/village/city] in your highest of priorities.

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That is why I ask that you vote AGAINST the Independent Broadcasting Authority Amendment Bill during the Parliamentary Vote.

Yours Sincerely,
[your name]

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